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The South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Association meets regularly on the
second Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. Meetings are held at the Bernalillo
County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) Sub Station, South Area Command, located at
2039 Isleta Blvd. SW at the cross-street Centro Familiar Blvd and Isleta Blvd.

South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations
Adobe Acres Denny Sanchez,
Atrisco Viejo Patricio Dominguez,
Conita Real Peter Eschman, 505-873-1517
Foothill Marcia Fernández, 505-877-9727,
Community Action Mountain View Marla Painter, 505-877-5017,
Mountain View Nora Garcia,
Pajarito Village Roberto Trujillo, 505-980-0679,
Southside Farms Sue Elliott,
Vecinos del Bosque Harrison (Tai) Alley,

Patricio Dominguez, South Valley Coalition President, 2022

SVCNA -- Our Mission:
The South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations actively promotes,
and is working to create and sustain the following qualities and characteristics
for our community:
•    Active citizen understanding of, and participation in, a pluralistic civic
process that produces effective and good governance;
•    A clean environment for healthy communities to prosper and for the rural
quality and character to be enhanced and nurtured;
•    Beauty of open areas that result from maintaining and enhancing natural
processes, environmental restoration, resource conservation and sustaining
a quiet rural atmosphere;
•    Land-use patterns and growth that respect, restore and maintain the historic
villages and plazas, agricultural areas, and multicultural values of our community;
•    Economic growth and development that are in line with our social and
environmental values and in keeping with local business ownership and with
sustaining and enhancing agricultural production and the rural character of
our community;
•    Excellent education, opportunities and community vitality that encourage
our young people to stay in the community and become active, productive and
satisfied citizens;

Our Coalition:
•    Serves as a respectful watchdog-group and advocacy group and a united
voice for South Valley neighborhoods;
•    Promotes relationships among neighborhoods and in our own organization,
based on honesty, trust and respect, so that we can work together to build a
better community;
•    Builds and maintains effective and mutually respectful relationships with
public agencies, elected and appointed officials/representatives, other
organizations and alliances;
•    Develops, fosters, and supports excellent leadership (formal and informal),
among young and old alike, and grassroots citizens' efforts that are a powerful
presence in, and the backbone of, our community.

(Adopted September 14, 2000)

Pluralism: "A state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial,
religious or social groups maintain an autonomous participation in and
development of their traditional culture or special interest within the
confines of a common civilization." (Webster’s)

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